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nanotechnology nanosystemsQtech Nanosystems Pte. Ltd. is a "technology incubation R&D Center" focused on making products based on nanotechnology. It engages in a collaborative NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND LAUNCH (NPDL) conducting research and collaborative product and technology development activities in diverse areas to propel innovation in Nanotechnology. Qtech's researches are based on new concepts derived from fundamentals of sciences and technologies. Hence the technologies and products make distinctive from others in the market.

Qtech Nanosystems Pte. Ltd. Singapore was incorporated in 2006 and functions as the Head Quarters. Qtech Nanosystems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, India, incorporated in 2004, is a manufacturing unit and comes under Qtech Nanosystems Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Qtech Nanosystems' team includes experts from various areas of engineering and business relevant to company's mission.

Qtech strongly believes in VALUE CREATIONS to its stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors and the society. It commits for the safety and welfare of the stakeholders. A team of highly motivated graduates from IIT Madras and reputed universities founded this company with a vision to emerge as a premier collaborative Research - New product development and launch center in nanotechnology. The extensive experiences of the principals of the company in this field have equipped Qtech with the practical knowledge to achieve its goals. It is currently engaged in product development and commercialization for Nanopositioning systems for nanotechnology and other varied precision applications.

Qtech is taking extreme care in contributing to make GREEN GLOBE in each and every efforts it makes. One of the key policies of Qtech is to protect the environment of the earth in letter and spirit. In addition to it, Qtech always stays in forefront in GREEN GLOBE CAMPAIGN with other organizations.